Oleh: Qaysha Naswa Aulia Nur

On Wednesday, March 27 2019, MTs Al-Mu’min Muhammadiyah Tembarak arrival guest from American, Mckenzie or usually called Kenzie. Is a writer which like the world of literacy, she came to share the information about write. This programme begin from 9 o’clock until 12 o’clock and the present all students from grade 7 until grade 8. The important is the members of literacy and English club.

She is introduce him and tale about write. His opinion 5 hour enquire about his hobby’s, “With be write I can make flare my expression.”

She also explain about her pleasure of Indonesia. “I like Indonesia, because her people is friendly, his nature is so green and his food is verry delicious.”

Mr. Mayo, a commit eths programme saying, “Be write, and make your expression.”

Najma’s opinion about this programme, “This programme can used the confident and can to launch we English language.” (Qaysha Naswa Aulia Nur-Santri 7 Putri Tahfidz MTs Al-Mu’min Muhammadiyah Tembarak Temanggung)

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